Hucho 2012
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Just another day in hucho paradise !!!


10 huchos landed in fine adventure on the Sana River, Bosnia (29. - 30.12.2012)


Five angler came from Germany and Italy with their hopes of getting their first hucho. All of them hooked their dream fishes!


The guide is the tour!


23.12.2012, Sava River, Slovenia

123 cm Hucho


Mur River, Austria, 21.12.2012

116 cm, Hucho, Handmade lure by Roby


Dear fellow Anglers,


My name is Caki Ivanovic and I would like to show  you the wonderful rivers of the Balkans.

First of all, those in Montenegro, my homeland. Montenegro is a country with abundant water. The diversity of its landscape is enriched by numerous watercourses, water sources, gorges and many mountain lakes. The rivers of Montenegro are divided into the Adriatic and Danube (Black Sea) river basins.

The principal river of the Adriatic river basin is Moraca with its tributaries (Zeta, Cijevna and Mrtvica) and of the Black Sea basin are the Tara and Lim rivers.

Specialty of the Montenegro fishing offer are Marble trout (Salmo Marmoratus) which is the endemic fish of Adriatic basin, and the "Strun" - local name for Salmo dentex. Danube salmon (Hucho hucho) is the top predator of the Black sea basin and wild brown trout as well as wild grayling are present in both.

If you decide to visit some of the rivers I am about to present, I would be glad to guide you,  reliving all those dear memories which I keep for ever in my heart.

Welcome to the magnificent world of the Balkan rivers!


Georg in action again!

104cm hucho from Sava Bohinjka River, Slovenia


Emil vs. 105cm hucho from Sava Bohinjka River, Slovenia

C & R

 December 2012


Huchen from Drina River

C & R


Sava Bohinjka, Slo,  C &R, November 2012

Huchen- Drina River, 107 cm

C & R

November 2012


Georg´s first Huchen

C & R

Sava Bohinjka, Slovenia, 16.11.2012


Vrbas, Bosnia, November 2012




Hucho season has started!

Are you up to the challenge?


If you are keen on fishing huchen, our guiding team will assist and you will hook some of this magnificent fishes.


Sale "The Indian" from Canada with fine huchen from Drina River, Bosnia

August 2012


"Montengro fishing paradise" Guiding-Team 2012